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manufacurer of replace tricone bit cutters


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Abstract "The drill bit is not enough, the oil does not take it." The drill bit is the key to the opening of the oil gate, and the small drill bit that makes holes in the rock plays an important role in oil and gas production. Since last year, the country’s first shale gas demonstration area has been in Fuling, Chongqing.

"The drill is not enough, the oil does not take." The drill bit is the key to the opening of the oil gate, and the small drill bit that makes holes in the rock plays an important role in oil and gas production.

Since last year, the country's first shale gas demonstration area has been built in Chongqing's Fuling Jiaoshi Dam. In order to be able to occupy an important position in the emerging high-end market of shale gas exploration and development, the petroleum machinery company Jiang Diamond Co., Ltd. quickly established the Jiaoshi Dam. The project team sent the backbone to give full play to the operational advantages of the research and production integration project team and use the high-quality Jiang drilling products to “cut” the market on the hard shale layer.

After a year of hard work, the company's sales of various types of drill bits and screw drills in the Jiaoshiba work area have increased by 800% year-on-year.

Comprehensive layout of a game of chess

As soon as members of the project team came to the Jiaoshiba work area, they conducted joint research. They found the well history data of each drilling team. One team and one team carefully studied: What kind of wells have been used in this team, what type of drills and drills have been used, and how many drill bits and drills are used each year... Class information was carefully collected and organized by them. Finally, they are aware of the needs of the users of each drilling team, laying the foundation for the next step of finding business opportunities.

The drill bit is doing “underground work”. Therefore, the project team has carefully studied each stratum in the Fuling work area. The stratum of the work area is complex, with many layers, large differences in lithology, and various lithologies such as gray mudstone and siliceous mudstone. They carefully analyze each layer group and each lithology, and write accurate and accurate stratigraphic investigation reports. Each formation group, each lithology has a suitable drill bit.

If you have a game in your chest, you can break the game with ease. In the August study last year, a major business opportunity made everyone very excited. They learned that due to the complexity of the layer group in a certain block, the diamond drill bit generally has the phenomenon of “supporting pressure” and being unable to be oriented when drilling. The drilling team can only rely on the ordinary drill bit that “dirty and tired” can work. The drill bit was drilled, and the roller drill bit was slow, which made the drilling team have a headache. Jiang Drilling technicians and project team members went deep into the first-line drilling research and quickly developed a new type of diamond drill bit, which specializes in the Maokou group. The daily average footage and average average drilling speed of the drill bit have increased by 20%. Diamond drill bits were quickly promoted in various drilling teams in the work area.

Quality service one-stop

On August 13, Wang Xianzhong received an emergency call. Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Drilling Company 2 urgently needed an 8-inch and a half diamond drill bit, but not in the coke dam warehouse. Wang Xianzhong quickly called to report, Jiang Diamond shares immediately sent people to send cars, thousands of miles to send the drill bit from Hubei Qianjiang to Chongqing Fuling. "Thank you very much. For our drilling production, you have to send a bit with such a big pain." The drilling team technician Liu Cheng was both surprised and happy to say.

There are countless examples of such transportation costs and providing quality services to the drilling team.

Based on the principle of quality service, the company has established a large service structure of “research and production and sales” and logistics and logistics integration, striving to improve the market response speed and solve related technical problems and maintenance problems for users.

When the project department learned that the drilling team needed a diamond drill bit to meet the requirements of directional drilling during the three-open drilling stage, the technical team leader insisted on the drill room every day until 3 to 4 in the morning, and he combined the actual situation of the stratum. Repeated communication with the orientation engineer and the well team technician to optimize the parameters and successfully developed the new diamond drill bit. Now, this product has become the main product of directional drilling of Jiaoshiba, and the speed-up effect is very obvious.

The project team also made full use of the company's complete advantages of the drill bit and drilling tool industry chain, actively researched the speed-up and efficiency-saving scheme of the drill bit assembly, and developed a new type of combination, in the Jiaozuo 3-2HF well with the clear water drilling process, to 13 The drilling speed of meters/hour refreshed the highest record of the mechanical drilling rate in the Jiaoshiba working area at that time, and was highly praised by the relevant person in charge of Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Company.

This year alone, the project department has provided technical services and maintenance services for the drilling crews for more than 460 times, which has been well received by users.

Cooperation and win-win family

In the drilling of Jiao 8-1HF well, the project department adopted the whole well contracting method to make the Jiao 8-1HF well drilled 23 days ahead of schedule, which set the shortest record of drilling and completion cycle of more than 4,000 meters in Jiaoshiba working area at that time. .

In order to better serve users, this year, the project department launched a full-scale contracting service to realize the transition from a single product to a service.

“Full well contracting is definitely a cooperative win-win model.” Xiao Jianghong, the captain of the drilling team of Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Drilling Company, who tasted the whole well contracting sweetness, said: “We used to be responsible for the selection of drill bits. Now, this part of the work is handed over to the project department. They are responsible for studying the lithology characteristics of the formation, selecting drill bits and Drilling Tools, and we are focusing on all aspects of drilling. The drilling cycle has also been shortened."

For the project department, the shale gas field stratum is complicated, and the members of the project department have to run the market and be responsible for technical services every day, and the comprehensive quality has been generally improved. After each drilling, technicians rushed to the scene to collect drill bit technical cards, leave photo data, study the footage, drilling speed, blade and composite sheet wear of each drill bit, laying the foundation for subsequent research and development and improvement. . "In the past, it was difficult for us to open up the market gap and get the test data. We often have to 'close the door to make diamonds'. Now, the strength of our research and development of new products has been greatly enhanced, and new products have emerged in an endless stream."

At present, the project department and each drilling team have become a community of risk sharing and benefit sharing. Everyone gives full play to the advantages of production organization and technology, and works together to improve the speed of drilling. This kind of bundled mutual benefit and win-win cooperation relationship is constructed. A strong strategic cooperation chain.
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